Films for places



Films for places

//  Films for places // 

Over the years I realized that my music fits perfectly with vast landscapes and exotic scenery. So I started recording my own videos during many travels to go with the music. The result is a series of films that immerses the viewer in a different place in the world. No flashy effects, just enjoying the view of one particular place. 

I’m also working together with other cameramen who send me outdoor video footage. If you have good quality & stable scenery shots from any place in the world, feel free to send it over. I’ll see what I can do with it.  

More films for places:

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// Online video production //

In a more commercial approach, I create custom-made mood videos to promote any kind of business or place. I offer my services as a one man filmmaking team. This allows for very competitive prices.

My services include:

  • On-site filming with a quality system camera
  • Custom made music & sound that fits the mood of the place
  • Editing to fit your needs

Short video’s can do wonders for the online promotion of your business. This can be on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine... In today’s world video creation is no longer an expensive matter. Professional standards have become available in affordable devices (even smartphones if you know how to work with them right). Even series of short films can be delivered in a budget friendly way. 

If there’s a need for more specialized film equipment, I coöperate with different specialists. They bring and operate interchangeable lens video camera, lights for indoor filming, perches for sound, a travel for following movement, drones for aerial shots and so on. 

Check out my project for 10 shorts films that demonstrate the surreal character of Circus in Flanders