Circus these days has become something totally different than most people think. Circus acts in Belgium are very disperse, modern and always a bit surreal. No wonder most of these  companies play shows all over the world. In coöperation with Circuscentrum Vlaanderen we're creating videos to show what circus in Flanders is all about.

Cameraman Jakob Rosseel and I created 10 one-minute films that show each circus company in an outside setting somewhere in Flanders. Location hunting was an interesting part. We used deserted harbor areas, roundabouts, train tunnels, graveyards, strange houses, rooftops. In some cases the collective played a part of the act they are touring with. Sometimes it was just improvisation. 

For every film I composed a custom soundtrack to go along with the vibe of the act.  

Check out some of the films below or on the website of Circuscentrum or follow Circuscentrum on Facebook and stay tuned for upcoming videos.